We specialise in all aspects of tree work including:

Crown Lifting - lower branch removal creates more space and light in your property

Crown Thinning - select branch removal throughout the tree to providing more natural light through the tree canopy. A better pruning method than topping as less pruning is required over the long term

Deadwood Removal – removal of dead branches that could fall and cause injury

Tree Inspection – assessing your tree’s health, vitality and stability

Difficult and Dangerous Tree Removal - felling or climbing and dismantling into manageable pieces to protect the surroundings, such as buildings, structures and gardens

Tree Planting and Care – advice on the best planting methods and staking

Storm Damage Clean-Up – quick response for clean-up

Chipping - removal of those accumulated, unwanted branches around your property

Property Tidy-Up - general property tidy, trimming and mulching service.

Boundary Mediation – if you’re having issues with neighbouring trees, we can offer solutions that will resolve potential conflicts. 

Garden Mulch Service - free delivery to your place.


Benefits of Mulch 

•Looks great and highlights the natural colors from your plants

•Smothers weeds creating low maintenance gardening

•The all natural material breaks down gradually releasing nutrients back into the soil and improves the soil structure

•No need to use chemical sprays which kill the beneficial organisms in the soil and bees. 

•Apply 4-6 inches thick, it will last up to 6 months. Can be applied every season to keep your gardens looking great

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